Bizzbin Can Make You Money & Find You Some Good Deals

Author Jules Fox

Bizzbin Can Make You Money & Find You Some Good Deals

With the tagline “Got stuff? Sell stuff. Need stuff? Get stuff.” Bizzbin is a new website in the same vein as eBay, that allows you to sell things, and scout good deals on new, and used items. The catch here is that it’s a community building platform as well, so it’s not just about making money with your products, or saving money when you find a good deal.

Is Bizzbin good for you?

Have you ever been outbid at the last moment by people swooping up to get deals on eBay? Unfortunately the buyers market out there is so saturated with potential customers constantly checking prices, that you often lose out on things you like. You end up spending a lot of time looking at things, only to not win the bids. Ultimately it’s your own time that costs you more money than you will save. As a seller, there can be so much competition that your profit only becomes marginal. With deal-seekers commanding the lowest prices on the grid, you usually end up lowering your bottom line, which of course decreases your profit. And you still get charged fees from eBay when you list an item and it doesn’t sell, no matter how fierce the competition! On the flipside of eBay, up and coming competitor Etsy put crafters and small business owners into the limelight, stealing a very large chunk of eBay’s profit margin. This was a great way for people who had “new” goods that they had created but were not packed into a growing market of people who wanted unique handcrafts. While Etsy replaced the art missing from eBay, newcomer Bizzbin has come to replace the heart missing from both online markets. Conceptually a blend of both sales, and social media, Bizzbin allows both buyers as well as sellers to enter a relaxed and casual environment where they can communicate directly with each other, add friends, follow groups, and more!

“Word of Mouth” Marketing Platform and Venue In One

As a seller, Bizzbin is a great way to engage with other sellers to create a community of like-minded individuals, and to meet other small business owners. The Facebook forums offer advice, support, and networking opportunities in real time. As a buyer on Bizzbin, you will find a much better system of trusting people whose items you are looking at. Not only are they reviewed by past transactions, (as they are on other platforms), but you will also discover yourself purchasing from vendors who have become friends. With a fresh, engaged, and interactive community on Bizzbin, there’s much less competition for you to place your bid, and win your items. But because of the “word-of-mouth” approach to marketing, there’s more trust when building community and buying from reputable sellers who are already in your friend network. The auctions include options for bidding, and to buy an item outright. Winning an auction takes you to a safe, and secure checkout process, where you can use encrypted software to pay via credit card, Stripe, or PayPal. As a vendor, you get paid conveniently via PayPal, and/or Stripe, depending on your preference. Registering to become a buyer or seller is easy, fast, and free! Head over to and immerse yourself in the social networking sales platform you never knew you always wanted!

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