It’s All About the Bizzbin Coin

In order to take part in our community market place you must become familiar with the Bizzbin Coin.

The Bizzbin Coin is a unique trading system that allows us to help small businesses become large by cutting spending and keeping more of their own money!

When a member of our community wants to buy items, services or even just trade with another member they will need Bizzbin Coins to do so.

Although Bizzbin Coins have no cash value our members can Withdraw their Bizzbin Coins and have cash rewards sent to their PayPal account.

The Amazing Community Bizzbin Coin

How do I get them?

  • You can list items for auction, selling or trading and earn Bizzbin Coins. As always listings are totally FREE
  • You can purchase stacks of Bizzbin Coins for your Community Wallet.
  • You can take part in contests and auction events and win Bizzbin Coins.

How Do I use them?

  • Use Coins to buy products, bid on auctions or give as gifts as you see fit.
  • You can withdraw your coins from your Bizzbin Wallet into CASH REWARDS with ZERO Commisions from us!
  • You Alone control when and to whom you transfer your coins. 
  • No Coin Transfer is Automatic on Bizzbin.