Social Etiquette


Bizzbin is a great place to socialize with like minded collectors, buyers and sellers! We want you to help us build an environment where every one can get along and have a great time! Our intention is to mind our own business and let you guys have fun with the site and all of it’s features. There are going to have to be a few guidelines / rules to ensure a system in which everyone can flourish. When there is trouble then our Bizzbin Support Agents will be on the way to help! Be sure to read this fully to stay out of trouble!

When it comes to the social side all rules will fit into the following categories:

Be Kind to Each Other!

Be reasonable!

Be cool!

Social Rules List

  • No Toxic or Disruptive behavior
  • No Offensive Profile Images or Profile Banner Images
  • No Personal life Drama
  • No Harassment of other members on the site or off the site.
  • No Spamming

Groups and Activity Feed Rules List

  • No Offensive or obscene posts.
  • Follow the instruction of your Group host and Moderators
  • Groups with less than 3 members for 15 days must be removed.
  • Redundant Groups may be removed at Bizzbin’s discretion. (ie. We don’t need multiple groups for the same exact topic)

Buying and Selling

BE CERTAIN – Creating an Auction or Placing a bid is a declaration of intent to sell or buy.

NO HOAX BIDDING – It is a violation of our terms to use multiple accounts to skew or other wise affect the auction bidding process. Violating this will result in account deletion.

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