Go to My Account Page and click Become a Vendor.

You can also watch THIS TUTORIAL on setting up your Vendor Account.

Our community uses its own exclusive Bizzbin Coin for transactions. Each member is in charge of sending Coins directly to other members. There are no automated payments or collections and NO transaction occurs with out your authorization.

To take part in our market place you will want to go and Purchase a stack of Bizzbin Coins. You can also earn coins for selling items and use those. Trade your old stuff for new stuff and spend no money! When it is time to pay your invoice to a vendor you will go to the vendors shop page and use the simple form to send them coins.

PAYPAL: Payment upon Request. Receive 1 Penny for 1 BZBN Coin when you cash out your earnings.

Go to your Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Payment. From here you will enter your paypal account.

Go to your Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Withdraw. From here you submit your transfer request to have your money sent from your Bizzbin Coins account to your paypal.

Note: There is nothing we can do about Paypals’ fees. Paypal fees will still apply as normal on your end, but you will be charged no transaction fees from Bizzbin.

Bizzbin collects NO FEES for listing or on your sales.

We keep the website and support for our community going by the sale of the Bizzbin Coins. Using brilliant math and tiny decimal numbers we earn fractions of Bizzbin Coins which we use for the website maintenance and the rest we put back into the Community through Auctions, prizes or other fun events.

To withdraw your funds anytime without a 7 day wait you will need to have your account Bizzbin Verified. To do this CLICK HERE

Yes! Vendors can use our tools to create their shop and track their sales, but members are permitted to do one-to-one transfers as well. The difference is that private transfers will NOT be reflected in your seller dashboard or reports.  These private transactions are also not covered by our Accountability and Coin Refund Policy so they are “at your own risk.”

Yes. Please read the Do Not Sell List to be sure about your products before you list them.

First step with any transaction problem is to contact the member you are having a problem with and see if you can sort out the situation together. IF the situation can not be sorted out among yourselves, please contact us immediately!

We want you to have as much freedom as possible and there are no rules regarding how many images you can have on a product. On the 25th of each month we run a maintenance which includes removing any photos that are not attached to an auction or a product at that time.

We understand that sometimes people will need extra time to get going, ultimately if a shop has no activity for approximately 30 days however, your account may be suspended; you will be notified by email and your preferred method of contact before any removal takes place to give you more time. If you are going on vacation or similar, however, just let us know and we will be sure to save your spot.

Sometimes you may encounter an error if you try to upload an image that is too large. Here are some resources that can help you resize the images for uploading to bizzbin.

ILoveImag.com – Free online service for compressing images for use with desktop or mobile devices.

Photo Compress – Free App for Ios, Iphones, Ipads.

A Buyer should always Check the Shop page for ratings, reviews, complaints and verification badges before purchasing from a seller.

Sellers are not required to deliver or ship an item if the buyer has not paid for it. If they choose to do so it is at their own risk as we have no way to get items back or services returned.

A Buyer should always read the vendors Warranty information so that you know what to expect in case of troubles.

Vendors ARE REQUIRED to include tracking on the shipping for items sold through our marketplace. This is for the safety and comfort of all.

Every single transaction of Bizzbin Coins is tracked in a Log file and can be audited at any time.

If a member breaks the trust of a member in any way their account is subject to termination immediately. We want to create the best environment for our community. We take the safety of our community very seriously and a Terminated account will not be allowed to Withdraw their Coins into Cash Rewards.

Our community will allow only images or graphics created by our sellers to be used on listings. Stock photos are not acceptable and will result in delay or removal of your listing.

We love you guys and hope this never happens, but just in case it does here is our policy:

As the Buyer you must alert Bizzbin if you have not received the SERVICE or a TRACKING NUMBER for a shipped item within 15 days of the date of payment. The sooner the better.

If the Seller has the Bizzbin Coins in their wallet we return the coins to the buyer immediately and may shut down the seller account depending on the situation.

If the Seller has insufficient funds in their wallet we shut down their account immediately and begin proceedings with paypal and/or banks to recoup the losses and return your coins as soon as possible. We will work with you and keep you updated through the process.

You can CLICK HERE to contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Yes. Please fill out this form here with the details and we will cut checks.