Achieve your goals the easy way!

Author: Matina L.

Setting goals for yourself is sometimes easier said than done. You CAN control your goals and schedule and everything else in your life but breaking it down into baby steps. Some of you might be familiar with the S.M.A.R.T method of goal creating and implementing. This is my interpretation. Let me know what you think.





Make your goals SPECIFIC: 

  1. Write down your goals on a piece of paper (I personally choose that option because it makes it more concrete for me but you can do it on your computer)  – Vague goals are perfectly fine just write something down. 


  1. Break down those goals into deadlines. It really depends on the goal but you can use deadlines like weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. 

Make them ACHIEVABLE: 

  1. If your goals are unrealistic all you will end up doing is pushing them back so if you need more time, add more time. If they are impossible at the moment then they are dreams and your situation might need to change to achieve them. 

Are your goals RELEVANT:

  1. Your goal should be focused around what you are looking to achieve. All your choices should directly or indirectly lead to your end goal in some way. 

Are your goals TIME-BOXED:

  1. Your goals should be in a time-frame that would create an appropriate amount of urgency. Having a goal that is too relaxed with no time limit will not make it achievable because of the lack of time restraint. 


  • Plan and implement 5 online shows this quarter with at least 5 in attendance. 
  • I will post 20 items in per week for one month. I will achieve this by prioritizing posting on bizzbin over other websites. By increasing the rate I post and quantity of items I will gain more a footing in the market which will directly help me achieve the goal of $100 in sales per week.
  • I want to increase web traffic to my online store by 5 people per month during the next 6 months. I will do this by focusing on reaching out to 1-5 people a day online and discuss my website with them. 

Do you agree with me? I would love to know your opinion. 

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