Bizzbin Website Updates Details

Here is the longer version of what is new with Bizzbin!

Based on member feed back is undergoing a big change!

Our community feed back has shown us that sellers have a hard time with so many small transactions through their paypal accounts and that our shipping system was overly complicated.

After some careful consideration we have arrived at the following solutions!


-NO MORE SELLER FEES! 100% Profit for Sellers

That’s Right! We no longer charge any commission for sales through the Bizzbin Community

How is it possible!?

Every seller knows that when you sell then the website takes a bit of that profit away from you. We tried to get it as low as possible by using different gateways like Stripe and lowering our own fees as much as possible. You likely know of the withdraw feature with PayPal payments. We have now figured out how to eliminate our charges completely on vendor withdrawals.

Many of you are familiar with the Bizzbin Coins (BZBN) which we have partially integrated into the site. Our new system is going to switch to use Bizzbin Coins in a great new way!

Buyers will purchases Bizzbin Coins for use on our site and Vendors can withdraw the Bizzbin Coins in US Dollars.

When you list a product or auction simply think of 1 Bizzbin Coin as 1 Penny ($.01). If you want to list your product for $10.00 you would simply list it instead for 1,000 Bizzbin Coins. Unlike other business models in which charge you a transaction fee from your sale amount our new system will send you the full amount with out any fees!

That’s Right! Our Bizzbin Community Marketplace will collect NO COMMISSION on your sales at all! If you withdraw 1,000 BZBN you will receive $10.00 payment to your paypal account. That’s it!

Since paypal transactions also collect fees it can be painful to pay for so many small transactions, but with our new system you can withdraw your earnings all at once rather than having so many microtransactions.

Once again envisioning and developing a way to help small business women and men to maximize exposure and sales while minimizing costs.


-NO MORE Shipping Setup.

Bizzbin was developed by a computer nerd who doesn’t always understand the concept “More options isn’t always better.” As a community you let us know how you felt about the endless chaos that was the shipping setup. We even offered free shipping setup services to help!

With the all new Community we will no longer have a complicated shipping system setup or handle shipping at all on the back end. This will streamline your throughput as a vendor by reducing even more time spent on filling things out. The shipping will now be included in your Listing price (in BZBN) OR you may have people directly send you shipping through a gateway of your choice such as paypal, stripe, venmo and so on.


-ELIMINATE painful microtransactions

A microtransaction is a small transaction of payment that creates a lot of traffic on your payment gateway like paypal. Since the new Bizzbin Coin system allows vendors to withdraw multiple coins at once, you can get all your earnings sent to you in one single transaction!


-EVEN MORE excellent Vendor tools

With the suite of tools we offer our vendors for free, we have now added a new Return Authorization and Warranty section. You get full control and eliminate any confusion by clarifying your return policy and returns for your clients.

With our creative shop owners come their followers! We have now added a “Follow this Store” option for vendors. A client can simply click FOLLOW on your shop profile and they will receive updates when you add new products.


-SIMPLIFIED Community Group System

When Bizzbin first launched we had quite an extensive Social Community system that included forums as well as activity feeds, notifications and groups. The entire system has been made more efficient and as a result, we hope, more useful for you and your networks. There are no more Forums on Bizzbin. Members will now have group and personal activity feeds only.

This makes it easier to notice and keep up with your important activities from the people and shops you are waiting to hear from.


-TAGS are now available on your products and auctions!

Vendors can now add tags to their products which will help with SEO and getting their products found. We hope this in addition to the SEO tools we already provide in your Vendor Dashboard will get even more organic traffic referred from search engines like google.

Thank you all so much for your support with the Bizzbin Community Auction House and Marketplace and please enjoy the website!