Original William Fuld Baltimore MD Version of the OUIJA!


Antique Original William Fuld OUIJA Board! NOT from Parker Brothers!

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Apparently this particular board and package was published BEFORE parker brothers bought the rights to it in 1966. The only date visible is a copyright for 1919.

Most board say Parker Brothers on the actual board at the bottom but this one says “William Fuld, Baltimore MD, USA” Instead.

Which is very curious!

Created by William Fuld Allegedly “On his death bed—he made his children promise to never sell the Ouija out the family,”

They sold it to Parker Brothers about 40 years later.

I also learned he died in an accident in a factory that allegedly the ouija board told him to build!


Box is bad. Please see images. But it is still functional and I included the fragments of cardboard which fell off.

The planchet is missing a leg. Please see images.

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